Luxury Vinyl

Why Choose Vinyl for Your Home

Vinyl is an excellent flooring option with a rich history. The material was first discovered in the 19th by a French doctor, and since then has undergone generations of development. Today, vinyl is an incredibly durable and affordable material that comes in a wide array of finishes to suit any taste or design. The material itself is also water resistant and very easy to clean. We source a vast array of quality vinyl in classic and stylish finishes for all of your interior projects.

Luxury vinyl

Luxury vinyl is extremely durable and stable. It's hard external layer makes it long lasting and an ideal choice for nearly any situation.

mARIO'S TILE / Vinyl & Laminate

Why Choose Laminate for Your Home

Laminate is a similarly exceptional option for your floors. Laminate tiles combine multiple layers of material into a compact and hardy product that mirrors the grains and patterns of traditional wood flooring. At Mario’s we source only the most outstanding and visually appealing laminates that are entirely indistinguishable from wood—except of course that ours come in more aesthetic and creative patterns.With rich history, the ability to weather years of foot-traffic, and a beautiful finish, vinyl and laminate tiles are an ideal base for any room.

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